Abel Bana
Executive Secretary
Corinna Cheang


The Structured Discipleship Program (SDP) developed by the Southeast Asia Union since 2011 seeks to promote a culture of intentional discipleship in each church within the territories of our union field.  The SDP is a systematic and monitored process by which a new convert is mentored to become a disciple of the Lord through the help of a matured and experienced believer.

In this program, the new convert is referred to as a Disciple-In-Training (DIT) while the mentor or spiritual guardian is referred to as the Disciple Maker (DM).   The elder or pastor who is in charge of this program in the local church is known as the Discipling Ministry Coordinator (DMC).

Through the cultivation of a close and caring relationship with the DIT, the DM models and shares with the DIT the necessary Christian knowledge, experience, wisdom, commitment, insights and values to enable him to become an obedient and fruitful disciple.  The vision of this program is that at the end of it, each DIT will be matured and trained to become DM himself.