Communication Advisory@SSD Headquarter – Philipines

June 1, 2016 • By • in Communication

All communication and Hope Channel directors from SSD territories were gather together in SSD Regional Headquarter on May 24-27, 2016 for advisory. This meeting led by Dr Jonathan Catolico and his team.

Elder Williams Costa, Communication Director from World wide church Office shared resourceful information on how the church can be more effective in sharing the gospel of salvation to the world using various kind of media such as music, internet, applications, television, radio, etc.

During this meeting also highlighted regarding the copy right issues of using graphics, pictures, videos, audios, etc. As a church we should make sure that we have permit or license before using any kind of softwares and graphics for our presentation, publication, and broadcasting.

The advisory ended with beautiful memories of dinner fellowship at restaurant’s volcano view at Tagatay, Philippines.imageimage


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